Thursday, 3 April 2014

Creation Story

Author                           : Joanna Bicknell
Age range recommended : 2 – 5
Theme                           : Creation, Nature, Touchy-feely books

 Opening lines –  

God speaks and….

Light dances…
   Sunshine sings….

      Clouds drift…
Shadows cool…

           Fire flames…
     Darkness wraps…
Night sparkles…

         And God says… Isn’t that great!

Introduction and Synopsis –
This is not a story book, but a celebration of all things bright and beautiful in the world. The back cover page quotes Genesis - 1:31 – ‘…God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.’ And indeed it is, to this date. The pictures in the book are all photographs of God’s world, the text is poetic and there are unique special effects to the book – textures to touch and feel, and places to scratch and sniff the pleasant smells of nature. It’s a fantastic book for talking to your little one about all sorts of amazing creatures and living things that God has made to make this world truly beautiful.

Why did my caterpillar and I like this book?
ME  -
I loved the style of the narrative – it makes you picture God in heaven, saying the words as He/She went about creating the world. The words are well placed and evoke in you the wonder of creation. Whether you believe in the Creation story or not, it is a great way to teach your child that there is so much in the universe to be appreciated.


I introduced this book to her when she was under 3. The book is of complete, sturdy cardboard structure and the pictures are simply beautiful. There is sparkly paper, colour, textures and lucid text to engage your tiny tot. She could scratch on the strawberries and sunflowers and they would emanate sweet smell that would amaze and excite her. Each page speaks of a different creation – space, flowers and fruits, ocean creatures, insects and birds, wild animals of the jungle and on the last page is God’s best creation – man. The book has very little words and lots of visual appeal.

Online link -
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The cocoon rates it -


It’s a beautiful book. Simple and sweet. It talks about something that we would at some point teach our beautiful children. This book would be a good choice to do that.


  1. Hey nice book.. N loved ur description. N what dedication yaar, u make it a point to post a new book review/blog each day..

  2. Absolutely essential for us to appreciate Gods creations and by starting at such an early age, you are instilling wonderful values into them! Admirable!

  3. You are bringing out some unheard titles in your reviews. Loving it.

  4. Never heard about this book..have to check it out