Monday, 21 April 2014

Quick as a Cricket

Author                                : Audrey Wood
Illustrated by                       : Don Wood
Age range recommended  : 2 – 6 years
Theme                                :  Celebrate your individuality, similes 

Opening lines –  
I'm as quick as a cricket,
I'm as slow as a snail.

I'm as cold as a toad, 
I'm as hot as a fox,

I'm as weak as a kitten, 
I'm as strong as an ox.

Introduction and Synopsis –
This is a beautiful 'all about me' book, where a young boy compares himself with different creatures to describe himself. The book uses a lot of similes to describe the boy and his qualities. The book celebrates individuality in as simple a way as possible to connect with the young reader.

Why did my caterpillar and I like this book?
ME - 
The book is beautiful. The illustrations are simply superb and will not fail to captivate the young mind. I loved the idea of using different similes to describe so many traits in a restless young child full of energy. The author has done a fabulous job with the book and putting across the emotion that life is so simple for a young mind - they love to live the moment to the fullest. The idea that you are a person with many traits - good and bad, weak and strong, quiet and loud and it is all these traits that make a person is brought out so beautifully by the author. The feeling put across by the book is - I am me. I can do anything I wish and can enjoy myself. Now, isn't that a great thought to introduce your child to? Also, a lot many creatures are shown and the book is great to increase vocabulary as well. 

The pictures! She loved them. They are absolutely wonderful and she also loved the concept of similes - she uses it regularly at home to convey her thoughts - 'Amma, Am I not as nice as a bunny?' :-) Her favourite is 'as tame as a poodle' which she insists she is and I most certainly think she is not! The last picture is her favourite where the boy's happy picture is shown, introducing himself as 'me', the one with all these personality traits. The book conveys a happy, feel-good factor throughout, which is just apt for describing childhood and growing up.

Online link -
We found this online link to this amazing book. Do check it out.

The cocoon rates it -


We would surely recommend reading this book. With all the factors mentioned above, the book is great to build confidence about oneself in the child. It is a superb idea presented in a simple but beautiful way. 

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