Monday, 7 April 2014

Foxes in the Snow

Author                             : Jonathan Emmett ( Ilustrations by Rebecca Harry)
Age range recommended : 3 -7 years
Theme                            : Snow, forests, siblings

Opening lines –  

In the middle of a forest, beneath the roots of an old oak tree, lived a family of foxes. It was a cold winter’s day, but Mother Fox was going out to look for food. 

“Stay here in the den, where it is safe and snug,” she told her two cubs. And, with a flick of her tail, she was off into the forest.

Alfie and Bonnie snuggled down at the back of the den. But Bonnie soon got bored. 

"I’m going to look outside,” she said. 

Introduction and Synopsis –
Ignoring their mother’s instructions to stay safe, 2 fox cubs venture outside their den on their own on a snowy day. They are enamoured by the softly falling snowflakes and before they knew it, they were happily bounding and playing in the snow. Before long, the forest is covered in a blanket of snow and they little cubs are unable to find their way back home. They try to follow their footprints for a while, but after a while they too have disappeared in the snow. As they run and hide from a monster-like apparition, the ground collapses beneath them and they go tumbling down! Do they ever reach home into the safe arms of Mama fox?

Why did my caterpillar and I like this book?
ME -
Frankly, it’s not a remarkable story and the illustrations are also okay. It can be a good reader book for 5+ category. There are also a few new words that are introduced in the book. The surprise that Mama Fox promises at the end of the book brings a smile to your face, but that’s about it. 

She loved the cover page of the two furry little fox cubs, to start with. The story provides an adventure of sorts to the young reader, especially since all children are taught to not venture out by themselves. It evokes an element of suspense in knowing what would the cubs end up with. The pictures of the fox cubs playing in the snow are also endearing. 

Online link -
We could not find any online video link for this story.

Jonathon Emmett is an award winning author from UK and has written a number of cihldren’s picture books. He is also famous for paper-engineering pop-up books. The cocoon is interested in reading more books from this author. We found this link to a real cool pop-up book, ‘Tyrannosaurus Rocks!’  which we are very interested to take a look at.

The cocoon rates it -


I personally did not like the author’s work on this story as much as my little one did. The ratings are therefore, given from her perspective than mine. Over all, this book can be given a miss. 

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