Thursday, 10 April 2014

I like Books

Author                             : Anthony Browne
Illustrated by                     : Anthony Browne
Age range recommended : 2-4 years
Theme                            : Love for books

Opening lines –  
I like books. 
Funny books…. and scary books. 
Fairy tales… and nursery rhymes. 

Introduction and Synopsis –
The book is aimed at toddlers to introduce the concept of books and to further an interest in them. It is also a first level reader book for pre-schoolers. The book talks about different types of book and thereby, different types of information/entertainment/happiness that can be found in books.

Why did my caterpillar and I like this book?
ME - 
It is a very basic book with just a phrase of 2-3 words on each page, with the whole book itself being 18 pages. Very young children would love the illustrations of some types of books, like fat and thin books, colouring and counting books etc and 3-4 year olds would like to know more about books on space, monsters and ‘strange’ books.

The book is ideal for the 2-3 year age group. Since A was 4+ when I purchased the book, the book held pictoral interest in her, but she wasn’t satisfied with just the mention of books – she wanted more information. The book would have been more interesting to her if she were younger. But the book is a good entry level reader book to her.

Online link -
We couldn’t find any online video links for this book.

The cocoon rates it -


Disclaimer : We are not saying it is a bad book. But if  A were in the appropriate age group, we would have probably rated it 3/5.


  1. These are the best kinds of books for little ones. The pictures are vibrant and entertaining, and the words simple and quick.

    M. J. Joachim

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  2. We picked this one recently at a sale. Anthony Browne is becoming our favourite with Silly Billy being another favorite .