Friday, 11 April 2014

Jingle Bells

Author                                  : Nick Butterworth
Illustrations by                     : Nick Butterworth
Age range recommended     :  3+
Theme                                   : Christmas, friendship, smart thinking

Opening lines –

A happy time, or so it should be. Why then, on this Christmas Eve, did two small mice look so unhappy?

"It's That Cat," grumbled Lottie to her brother Jack. "He always spoils things."

Ah, yes. That Cat.

It should have been wonderful for the mice, living in  a cart shed on a farm. There were games to play, places to explore and, usually, plenty to eat.

There was only one problem... That Cat.

Introduction and Synopsis –
Lottie and Jack put up Christmas stockings on Christmas Eve and wait for Father Christmas to bring them goodies but That Cat wrecks their plan. It turns out to be a sad Christmas for the brothers but they decide to really do something about it. They decide to talk to Ton-Chee, a rat, a knowledgable character. With the help of Ton-Chee and a little something left back in the snow from Santa's sleigh, they manage to put an end to the distress caused by That Cat. The book ends with the mice happily saying, "It may not have been a very merry Christmas, but it does look like being a happy new year!"

Why did my caterpillar and I like this book?
ME -  
It is a cute Christmas book. It spreads Christmas cheer and the illustrations are adorable. I liked the idea that Tom Chee gives to the mice to teach a lesson to That Cat - it's not mean at all, in fact, its humorous.

The book was a little lengthy for her and it looked like she was waiting for quite a while to know what happened to the mice! :-) But on the other hand, though the book is lengthy, the writing is very simple - a quality that I found very good - I hardly had to explain anything to A. She found the book funny and was happy.

Online link -
We couldn't find any online link to this story.
Nick Butterworth is a British illustrator and author and is most famous for his 'Percy the Park Keeper' series of stories. We would like to read them someday. Our hunt is on for the books in the local library.

The cocoon rates it -


This book is a nice read, a regular, simple, feel-good story. 


  1. The art looks great. Nice selection.

  2. What cute pictures. Those illustrations are adorable.
    Donna On Palawan @ Quintessential San Diego From A to Z

  3. Christmas stories are cute. You can never be tired of them. It is hard not to pick them when we are boom shopping. the Christmas spirit in the story , the illustrations are just adorable